Mineral and Energy Management and Consulting Services (Pty) Ltd (“MEMCS”) has been registered in 2012.  The Principle Member of MEMCS is Eugene Zwart, whom has extensive experience in the mineral exploration sector in South Africa and has been involved with the setting up of 2 companies that operates in the mining sector, namely DNZ Holdings (Pty) Ltd and Rivetprop Management Services (Pty) Ltd.  DNZ Holding(Pty) Ltd was a joint venture with Borneo Mining SA and focussed primarily on greenfield exploration portfolio development in specifically the Coal Mining sector.  

In 2012 the principle member founded Mineral and Energy Management and Consulting Services with the specific aim of providing unique sustainable Mineral and Energy development solutions to South and Southern African clients.  These services focus on administrative and technical excellence and innovation in order that clients can comply and excel in the African environment.  Prior to setting up and being involved in exploration companies, the principle became involved in a coal mining operation in the Middelburg/Witbank Coal field in Mpumalanga, South Africa.  This involvement and subsequent experience lead to the development of business administrative competencies in the running of companies and projects, as well as a thorough understanding of the broader statutory compliance requirements for businesses in the mining sector.  Practical experience is gained in business transition from small to bigger scale operations and the impact on all business aspects.  The operational and practical experience in the mining and beneficiation of coal provided critical understanding of the factors that needs to be addressed during the exploration, feasibility and mine development stages prior to production.  These factors are also valid for the optimisation of current operations.  A significant portion of the services provided to clients during the 2004 to 2012 period were to struggling operations that faced operational, business and compliance problems.

The foundation of the experience and innovation brought to MEMCS is forged and formed in the metals industry at a local stainless steel factory Columbus Stainless (the only one in Africa).  This factory is part of a world class corporate group (Acerinox of Spain, the 3rd largest producer of stainless steel in the world) and had its origins in a join expansion venture between the Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa, Anglo American Corporation of South Africa and Gencor/BHP Billiton.  The training, exposure and experience in this structured corporate environment provided a strong and systematic approach to problem solving and technical management that was successfully transitioned into the less structured and chaotic environment of small and medium sized emerging mining entities.  Given the cultural, management and capability gaps between the big corporate and the emerging mining entities, valuable lessons were learned in how to transfer principles and processes that work in the large business arena into the small business arena.