Integrated Technical Services rendered on a Turn-Key basis:

· Prospectivity Evaluations;

· Reserve evaluation for listings and bankable studies;

· Geological consulting, studies and reports;

· Non-intrusive studies such as radiometric and magnetic surveys, inclusive of lithological mapping and

geotechnical interpretation;

· Geological mapping (inclusive of interpretation) and field services;

· Geological modelling;

· Reserve estimation and modelling;

· Reserve evaluation;

· Exploration program design, management and execution (including the social and environmental aspects thereof);

· Borehole logging;

· Sampling and management of analysis (including sampling instructions and standards development);

· Compilation of wash-ability, geological and mineable parameters;

· Compilation of professional reports and exploration databases in a variety of formats;

· Beneficiation Design and Product Determinations;

· Mine Scheduling and Life of Mine Planning;

· Mine Designs (underground and opencast);

· Infrastructure and Plant Designs;

· Manning Design;

· Capital and Operational Budgeting;

· Financing Plan and Model Design;